association-of-personal-injury-lawyers-logo greyWe handle Civil Litigation Matters if clients have been involved in road traffic accidents, found themselves the victims of negligence, or become embroiled in contractual disputes. If you have suffered an injury, or your property has been damaged because of the fault of some other person, we can help you to receive appropriate compensation. Usually this is a form of a monetary award known as “damages”. While money can never fully compensate for pain and suffering, we try to obtain an award for our client’s which reflects the loss they have suffered and puts them in the position they would have been in had the accident not happened. Usually we seek to obtain compensation for pain and suffering which has already been suffered, for any future or ongoing symptoms, and for any aspect of the quality of your life which has been affected. We will also try to recover any present and future loss of earnings or other financial loss.

The most common Personal Injury Claims arise from Road Traffic Accidents. We will make all the necessary enquiries from the Police, contact the other party’s Insurance Company and arrange for you to be medically examined by our experts. The vast majority of such claims settle without having to go to court and we will keep you updated as to how your case is progressing throughout. If you are eligible for Legal Aid Assistance we will use that scheme as far as possible.

In many cases client’s are not sure whether they would be entitled to compensation - perhaps because they may feel that they were partly at fault, or for some other reason. A consultation can usually establish whether this is the case. Even if the accident was partly your fault you may still be entitled to recover some compensation.

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