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David Brewster was appointed a Notary Public by the Lord Chief Justice of Northern Ireland in July 2004. He is thus one of the few individuals in this jurisdiction authorised to administer certain Oaths relating to Non-British Legal Documents and to authenticate British Documents for foreign jurisdictions.

Common examples of a Notaries work:

a) You are a professional tending to continue your career abroad but do not want to part with your original Degree Certificate for the purpose of interview or registration. We Notarise a copy of your certificate which will be accepted in other jurisdictions without the need to produce the originals.

b) You have agreed to purchase a house in Spain. Your Spanish Solicitor sends you a Power of Attorney allowing them to deal with legal matters in that country on your behalf. We notarise the original documents and return them. This avoids you having to travel to Spain to complete the purchase or mortgage of the house.

c) You wish to adopt a child from abroad. You have gathered all of the relevant documents required by the legal authorizes in the country in which the child presently lives. These documents are notarized and are accepted by the adoption authorities abroad.

For some countries, public documents also need to have a certificate issued by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office attached to them. This document, known as an Apostille, can be obtained by us without the need for you having to travel to London. Prior to witnessing and sealing documents we require evidence of your identity and residence. We would need to have at least two of the following three forms of identity with you before any document can be notarised.

a) Your Passport

b) Your Driving Licence

c) One current Utility Bill

There are no scale fees for notarial work. The fee charged will reflect the cost of the service provided, based on the amount of skill, the time involved, and the responsibility undertaken.

Please note that a Notary does not give any legal advice about the validity of documents from any foreign jurisdiction. This is a matter for you to take up with your foreign solicitor, if appropriate.

If you wish to avail of our notarial services please telephone our office for an appointment.
Telephone Number 028 7776 8700 (International +44 28 7776 8700)

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